Q: Does Penguin Yell promote ethical causes?

A: We do. We promote and fund those causes we hold dear and are not ashamed to say so. We are Christians and place a premium on ethics, strong families, family industry, history, community needs, etc.. However, we are not going to use this to say - 'buy our mediocre product because we think alike.' We believe diligence, hard work, perseverance, and a product that you value is how we earn your business and displays who we really are.

Q: I live overseas. I want Penguin Yell. What do I do?

A: Tell us what you want on our contact form and include a shipping address. We will get you a shipping quote and details to complete your purchase.

Q: Where is your coffee roasted?

A: Our coffee is roasted in our roasterie, located about twenty feet from our home, near Calico Rock, Arkansas.

Q: Why buy your coffee?

A: We offer premium specialty coffees, really fresh-roasted, a great experience, and a very reasonable price.

Q: How is your coffee roasted?

A: Penguin Yell Coffee uses Air Roaster technology. The beans are suspended and roasted in a hot air fluid bed for very even roasts. This process removes the chaff immediately as it sheds from the bean resulting in a very smooth cup of coffee. Computer technology and art meet to aid the roastmaster in producing a consistent, superior cup.

Q: How many cups of coffee can I make with a 16 oz (1 pound) bag of coffee?

A: Two level tablespoons per eight ounces of water will make about thirty cups of coffee. This makes a good strong cup of coffee. If you like it weaker, add more water.

Q: How should I store my coffee beans?

A: Coffee will stale in several days on the shelf or stay fresh for a few months in the freezer. If you will consume the coffee in 7-10 days, you can leave it on the counter, with the bag closed. You can greatly extend the life by freezing; however, you need to remember a few points: Seal the bag for freezing. When you remove it, do not open the bag until the beans are back to room temperature or moisture will get on the beans and this is worse than it being stale.

Q: Should I grind my own beans?

A: Yes this is very highly recommended. Freshness is very important to maintaining the premium quality of roasted coffee. Ground coffee loses its flavor MUCH faster. At a minimum we recommend a cheap Mr Coffee Burr Grinder for well under $50. It’s well worth the better cup you will experience. Grind what you will brew in the next several minutes. The Burr grinder will give a much more consistent sized coffee. Imagine pouring water over different sized rocks. The water will whisk through the easiest route and other paths will not get much water at all. With coffee, this means some of your coffee will be over extracted and some under extracted. Premium beans deserve a burr grinder.

Q: What's the best way to brew coffee?

A: There are many ways to brew coffee. In our house of five, french press has four votes and pour over has one. French press makes a rich full coffee with a dark residue at the bottom of the cup. Pour over makes a smooth, clean cup. If you have not experienced these, do try them, as you will discover a richer, fuller, better tasting coffee.

Q: Why the name Penguin Yell?

A: Read the story here: Penguin What?

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