Penguin What? Our Story

Photographed by Michael Paye Jr in Patagonia, 2013

We are the Payne family. Together, we work in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas.

I finished my career in the U.S. Army Special Forces in 2005. Looking back, I was fascinated by my team’s unity despite the different personalities and perspectives of each team member. Sweating, bleeding, and working hard together created a bond - a band of brothers.

Five years later, a lecture on family economics changed my life. It posited the idea of a family working together to build a household economy. This got me thinking back to my Special Forces team. Why couldn't hard meaningful work help build another team - a family.

Providentially, a friend who owned several coffee businesses told me about his experiences and kindled an idea that would take almost four years to become reality. We didn't know it at the time, but from that conversation Penguin Yell Coffee was born.

The name wasn't solidified until 2013. My children suggested the name Penguin Yell and won me over with the meaning. My son, on an expedition to Patagonia, encountered a colony of Magellanic penguins. As he approached, all scattered except one. This brave penguin let out a cry and stood in defense of his lifelong mate as she lay nesting. My daughter added, "Daddy, penguins don't fly. They stand their ground." This little flightless bird displayed his qualities: faithfulness, courage, and grit. This story convinced me of the Penguin Yell. We hope you're inspired by these high ideals as you enjoy a cup of Penguin Yell Coffee. It is our privilege to offer you premium coffees, roasted on our Ozark Mountain farm.

- Master Sergeant (R) Michael Payne

The Payne Family resides in the beautiful Ozark mountains where they roast coffee, take on creative projects, and enjoy pursuing a life with purpose and color.

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